The Yoda of Pediatrics

Since I was a young, I was obsessed with Star Wars. I was Luke Skywalker, sticks were lightsabers, the dog was Jabba the Hutt, and my back yard was Endor. I wasn’t alone in my obsession, either. Every kid I knew was a fanatic. The Star Wars series is *still* selling out box offices, toys are still flying off the shelves, and collections of memorabilia are still selling for millions of dollars! Generation after generation loves Star Wars!

The Jedi Power

What is it that makes Star Wars so magical and alluring for its fans? Is it the good vs. evil, man vs. man, man vs. himself, or is it something else? For me, it is the Jedi Power; the power that I still want to believe resides in all of us.
I vividly remember, as a child, desperately trying to ‘activate’ my Jedi powers, which I was positive were inside of me, but only lying dormant. I would close my eyes, focus as hard as I could, hold my breath (breathing affects a Jedi’s effectiveness, I’m sure there’s some science behind that) and try to move inanimate things with my mind. I was embarrassingly unsuccessful. All that changed one evening at dinner; I announced to my parents that I was going to move my drink without touching it. I closed my eyes, focused hard, held my breath, prayed to Yoda, and I was one with the Force – everything was right. I opened my eyes, and to my amazement, it had moved!!! You better believe that everyone I knew (and even a few I didn’t) heard ALL about this. I tried for months to do it again, each time failing. It finally occurred to me one day that my crowning moment, my induction into the Jedi Order, was really just my parents humoring me. My dreams were dashed, and my Jedi days were done. Over. Finished.

The Pediatric Jedi

Well, that was until I started a chiropractic practice with my wife, 17 years ago. My wife, Dr. Debra Cirone, pediatric chiropractor, is the Pediatric Jedi. We all know that children are often scared of going to the doctor, but she communicates with them as if she were Yoda. If I had a nickel for every time a parent has told me that their child is never going to allow a chiropractic adjustment…. Well, I’d have a lot of nickels. They’re never afraid of Dr. Deb though, because she’s a Jedi. And Jedi’s are good.

But here’s the best part: the children get well. And then they stay well. You may think of a very specific practice when you hear the word ‘chiropractic’, but we do so much more than just help with sore necks and backs. My wife has treated RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), ear infections, and everything in between, all with amazing results. One of her favorite sayings is “The answer to health does not come from treating symptoms with potions and pills from your medicine cabinet”. Is it just me, or does that that just sound like something a wise Jedi would say?

What’s her secret? I believe it’s simple:

  1. LOVE – She loves each child individually as if they were hers. We tried but unfortunately could not have children of our own.
  2. TRUST – Children have a 6th sense. Much like animals, they know if you are there to help or hurt them, or make them eat broccoli. She connects with each child in a unique way that inspires their complete and total trust from the minute they meet her.
  3. EXPERIENCE – In 17 years, she has seen it all. She has used a mixture of chiropractic and holistic treatment to treat thousands of children, encouraging and allowing their bodies to heal naturally.
  4. PASSION – After 17 years of the same work, she is still excited every single day about serving the children and our other patients. This is never ‘just a job’ to my wife, this is her life. They say that if you do what you love, then you’ll never work a day in your life. That saying definitely applies to my wife.

Sugar Hill Spine and Wellness is one of the largest pediatric offices in Georgia, largely due to my Jedi wife and our natural approach to healing. Our practice is committed to creating a healthier community as a whole by using natural, holistic methods; instead of drugs or surgery. We hope you’ll visit us soon, and witness ‘the Pediatric Jedi’ in action.

-Dr. Joseph Clarino

Keep your power lines clear!

Electricity flows through power lines and messages of communication flow through phone cables…but the ‘power’ that flows through Nerve fibers is far more intricate, intelligent and critical to your Life

Nerves carry ‘smart’ signals – organized instructions and data which relay from the brain to the body and from the body back to the brain.  This complicated loop forms the communication network needed to guide every physiological function in your body from respiration to perspiration…assimilation to elimination…tissue breakdown and tissue repair.  Innately, trillions of these messages flow through your nerve sustem every second of your Life, in an automated effort to keep you alive without your conscious input.  So how important is it to maintain this amazing system?

This is the realm of Chiropractic care- the protection and preservation of these ‘Life wires’ so that you can experience perfect function, abundant health and well being.  The doctor inside you can accomplish just about anything as long as your internal power lines remain clear.


Who do you know that could use an electrical system check of their ‘Life lines’?  

95% of Americans are Vitamin D Deficient

-7 Ways to Tell if You Have a Vitamin D Deficiency


-How to Correct Vitamin D Deficiency



Note:  You Can Not Get the Amount of Vitamin D Your Body Needs From Just Food!


Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency are sometimes vague but can include:

  • Your Tired or have the blues
  • You have unexplained General aches & pains.
  • You have achy bones
  • You have Frequent infections
  • You Have Gut Issues
  • You have Darker Skin (skin pigment is a natural sunscreen)
  • You are 50 or older


Note: Some people may not have any symptoms at all.

If you think you may have vitamin D deficiency, you should contact our office to help determine of your symptoms are from vitamin D levels or from possibly an Autoimmune disease.



How do I know if I’m deficient in vitamin D?

Vitamin D is by testing your 25(OH) D level and Vitamin D3 Levels.

Getting this blood test is the only accurate way to know if you’re deficient or not.


How can I increase my Vitamin D Levels?

1) Exposing your bare skin

2) By exposing your bare skin to the sun or by taking vitamin D supplements.



Contact our office at 678-482-4400 to set up a consultation or to be tested