Doctor of Chiropractic, Expert in Cellular Healing

Dr. Joseph Clarino

is the Co-founder and Co-owner of Sugar Hill Spine & Wellness and New Path Holistic Health

After a college career in football Dr. Clarino realized that his body and health would not have made it through the physical battles on and off the field, if not for the chiropractic care that he had received regularly since 12 years old. After college Towson State College, Dr. Clarino’s strong passion of chiropractic brought him immediately to life University in Marietta, GA with his future wife, Dr. Cirone.

Several years into practicing chiropractic in his large family practice in Sugar Hill, Dr. Clarino was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. Rather than running in fear toward the medicine that might make him feel better momentarily, he leaned into his faith and knowledge of how the human body functions and heals. Through relentless research, training, and the care that he received from other doctors of functional medicine, Dr. Joe has been led down a New Path, from pain and disease, to one of health, freedom and inspiration, enjoying a life he never before imagined. Since 2011, Dr. Joe is free of the disease that had once diminished his life experience and has helped countless others in their quest for restored health through nutrition and functional medicine.

“I have learned through my own journey and through those that I had led down their own Path, that this is not the path of least resistance.”
The doctors are a part of a great chiropractic community associated with Life University in which she teaches, mentors and does speaking engagements for both students and doctors in the profession. The doctors share their expertise as the panel doctors along with Dr. Joe Christiano (Eat Right For Your Blood Type), with millions around the world through a faith based TV show called One on One with Damon Davis, found on TBN.

Since 2011, Dr Clarino has brought countless others along their journey from pain, to finding their own purpose as an Expert in Cellular Healing. He has trained under great leaders in the industry such as Dr. Dan Pompa of Health Centers of the Future and Dr. Gez Agoli of Progressive Medical Centers of America. Currently Dr. Clarino is in the process of filming a reality TV show based on Faith & Health, called one-on-one with Damon Davis. It can be found on TBN. Here Dr Clarino along with Dr Joe Christiano, author of Eat Right For Your Blood Type, shares his expertise and advice with Damon on his journey back to health, while sharing with the world how they too can get healthy almost regardless of the state of health they are currently in.