Auto Injuries


If you have lived in the metro Atlanta area for any period of time, you know traffic is a nightmare. Unfortunately, with traffic comes auto accidents. There are actually over 115,000 accidents in Georgia each year.

Whether it’s your fault or not, an accident is a trauma to the body, and it must be addressed. We have personally seen the major impact even small auto accidents can have on the spine and body, causing permanent damage.


Every auto accident has its own unique story and therefore, no two accidents cause the same types of injuries. There are many factors that can contribute to the amount of injury you may sustain. Some of these are:

  • Car’s traveling speed at impact
  • Angle at which the car was hit
  • Body position in car (head turned, straight, looking down, etc.)
  • Air bag deployment
  • Seat belts on or off

Most Common Injuries Seen

Neck Pain, aka “Whiplash

In most cases, patients will suffer neck pain or “whiplash” from any type of impact. This occurs when the force of your head whips or slams against the headrest and jolts forward, causing overstretching and tearing of the ligaments and surrounding tissues.  We have seen whiplash cause compression fractures of the vertebra and even herniated discs in the spine. Proper treatment and timing is essential to the correct recovery of any of these issues.

Lower Back Pain

This may be the second most-frequent problem we see with auto accident patients.  Unlike the neck, which is free to move and whip, the lower back is strapped in via a seatbelt. The torso is thrown in whatever direction and is instantly stopped where the strap sits across your body. Yes, seatbelts can save your life, but they can also cause deeper issues with the spine.

Treatment From An Auto Accident

Quick and proper treatment is critical to a healthy recovery. Within hours, the body is already starting to heal. If it heals incorrectly, patients may suffer long-term issues that can appear even 10 to 15 years later. Our approach is slow and steady. Patients are often in so much pain that everything hurts. Our first step is to regulate the pain cycle, and this can be done with a number treatment options we use in the office. The second step is to start correcting the problem that is causing the pain.The final step is to allow the body to heal in its proper state.

We use the latest imaging technology on an as-needed basis to identify the full extent of your injuries. We work with some of the best orthopedics, neurologists, and MRI or CT scan facilities Atlanta has to offer.

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