5 Reasons Your Thyroid Issue Isn’t Really A Thyroid Issue

What functional labs told me that changed my career.

 The thyroid is all the rage in healthcare nowadays, especially in natural healthcare. It seems like almost every health issue is blamed on the thyroid, but is it really? Are doctors picking a thyroid issue as their scapegoat because it’s easy, or because it’s truly the issue?

As a doctor, I am passionate about helping my patients truly identify the root cause of their issues. I am also passionate about thyroid health because I went through something personally about 6 years ago, which could have easily been blamed on the thyroid without any further digging.  I have gone from pain to purpose.

So here’s the cliff notes version of my story:  My shoulder was hurt and it would not get well.  Rehab only made it worse.  An MRI showed nothing.  I decided to get a natural Prolozone injection and a friend of mine thought I may have more going on.  He convinced me to run some tests.  Stool Test, Sex Hormones, Thyroid, Adrenals, and Food sensitivity.

Here are the results:

Before I share them, I want you to understand I was in great shape, I thought I was doing my best and that I was the picture of perfect health.

  1. Stool Test – 4 crazy strong parasites, which I believe I got from drinking river water in college.
  2. Hormone Test   showed that my testosterone levels were way too low. It was 248 and a man my age should have been in the 600 to 800’s.
  3. Other tests showed that I had high antibodies for Hashimotos Disease, an autoimmune disease that affects 80% of patients with existing thyroid issues!
  4. Food sensitivity – I had a gluten sensitivity! I’m Italian. I don’t need to tell you how devastating it is to hear that gluten is off limits! You try telling an Italian mother that you can’t eat her cooking. I also discovered I was sensitive to limes, lentils, and dairy. (Just kill me now, right?)
  5. Adrenals – Your ‘flight or fight’ hormones – Mine where in the basement!

As you can see, my thyroid issue was being driven by a number of other factors, not just one ‘simple fix’.  After studying this information for the last 6 years this is what I believe happened.

 Tons of antibiotics as a child——-Parasites in college —— Work stress—–Leaky Gut Syndrome ——- Food sensitivities——— Autoimmune Thyroid—–Low Hormones

My thyroid was never the original problem!

Being prescribed medications or supplements would never have solved the problem.  The thyroid, and any issues with it, is a multi-faceted thing and must be addressed on an individual basis. There is no ‘one size fits all’ fix for thyroid problems, and we are committed to giving each of my patients the care and attention their health deserves.

After years of training, trial and error, and helping hundreds of patients with the same issues I had, I am confident that many people who are suffering or think they are suffering fro thyroid disease can be helped with a natural approach.  All it takes is hard work and a little education.  Remember, *YOU* are your biggest advocate when it comes to your health, don’t simply accept a prescription because a doctor wants to get you in and out of their office without really investigating the causes of your symptoms. I’m the proof in the pudding!

Thyroid issues are almost never just a thyroid issue! Come see me at Sugar Hill Spine and Wellness for compassionate, thorough, and natural care.


Yours in Health,

Dr. Clarino

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