3 Secrets of Miraculous/Magical Weight Loss Stories

We’re constantly bombarded with ad after ad, commercial after commercial – all trying to get us to buy into the next weigh loss magic!

Every time I see an ad or marketing scheme promising fast results in a short amount of time for weight loss, I always think of the scene in the movie There’s Something about Mary when Ben Stiller picks up a hitchhiker who has a *brilliant* sales pitch: 7 Minute Abs! (As compared to the already on the market 8 Minute Abs workout videos). (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here for a pretty great laugh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JB2di69FmhE) It kills me every time.

Joking aside, the sad part of that scene is that it’s not different at all in real life. We see it everywhere we look!

  • “Lose 30lbs in 14 days”
  • “7 days to a new you”
  • “4 days and10lbs guaranteed “

You get the point. ‘7 Minute Abs’ instead of ‘8 Minute Abs’. Each new fad has success stories showing how this person lost 100 pounds in 3 months or how she went from a size 12 to a 2 just by drinking this new supplement. There is so much more behind any weight loss story than just a magic pill, or a new diet, or just exercise alone. Just like a magic show, the results are real, but the process to get there is much more than meets the eye.  Once the illusion is revealed and you see how it was done, you can do it yourself.

I wish there was such a way to get those results in such a short time, but there isn’t. There are several studies out there that show when people lose such a dramatic amount of weight, their body fights to gain it (and plus some!) back because it shocked their system (feel free to look up previous winners of ‘The Biggest Loser’, you’ll be shocked).

What can we do to lose weight and keep it off?

My goal here isn’t to discourage you. So, if there’s no such thing as ‘magic’ weight loss, what can we do to lose weight and keep it off? In my practice and research, I’ve found that there are three keys to proper weight loss:

  1. Understand your Body First

If you’re struggling with your weight, it’s probable that you’ve tried everything. You’ve taken the pills, you’ve exercised, you’ve drank the green smoothies, etc. Some things have brought minor successes and others total failure.  Here are some questions you need to ask yourself to better begin understanding your body:

  • What foods work for me? (make me feel full without eating too much)
  • What foods inflame me? (make me feel bloated, sluggish, and are more fattening?)
  • What foods give me more long-lasting energy? (not just a sugar high and then a crash)
  • Which healthy foods do I enjoy? What can I substitute in my normal diet?
  1. It starts in the GUT

Research after research is showing that people with messed up GI (gastrointestinal tract) systems are overweight. Duke University did a study where they sterilized GI tracts of mice. They gave them bacteria that are believed to cause weight gain and BAM! The mice gained weight!  They gave the same mice proper bacteria (think ‘probiotics’) and then the mice lost the weight. Now, I know you are not a mouse, but our bodies were not made to ingest products that can survive a nuclear holocaust. If it can live on a shelf for more than a year…. Maybe you shouldn’t be eating it. There are thousands of natural alternatives for any processed foods you love and can’t seem to get enough of. (We would be happy to point you to them!)

Another interesting thing that was found in the study with the mice was that the heavier mice (the ‘bad bacteria’ mice – that sounds like a bad boy band… but I digress) gave birth to heavier babies, while the skinnier mice (the probiotic mice) gave birth to healthier babies. This leads us right into the next key to healthy weight loss: 


Once the GI tract gets out of wack, it spills over to the cells.   Our cells dictate everything about our bodies. Each cell has millions of ‘locks’ on the outer-most layer to communicate with hormones and regulate our bodies.  Hormones like: 

  • Insulin (controls how much sugar is absorbed/released, and therefore controls your energy levels.)
  • Thyroid (hyper- or hypo-, this hormone controls your metabolism)
  • Sex hormones (that’s right, your sex drive.)
  • Leptin (works in balance with Gernlin to regulate your hunger)
  • Gernlin
  • Adrenal (‘Fight or Flight’ hormone)

( Just to name a few)

 If the ‘locks’ or ‘portals’ to the cells are inflamed or occupied by something else (like a toxin), the communication between the cells and the hormones goes down and, you guessed it, your body reacts accordingly. Things start to shut down or not work correctly.

MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION: What happens when to the cell when it cant get what it needs?

…It starts to behave differently and/or it dies.    

There is no ‘magic’ in weight loss. Just like everything in life; we have to work towards our goals. The key to losing weight and keeping it off is finding the causes of the functional problems. Fix theses issues, understand your body, and educate yourself (remember: YOU are your biggest advocate! Don’t be afraid to ask questions!) and then you can work some real ‘magic’!

And if you ever need some help in your journey to a healthier you, your friends at Sugar Hill Spine and Wellness are here to help you!

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