Patient Success Stories

The 2 Greatest Compliments are:

  1. Patient tells their win.  How what we do in this office has made a difference in their lives or their entire families.  The stories are often so touching and amazing to hear.
  2. Refer another person into our office.  Sharing the power of chiropractic and natural healthcare is better then any gift you could give them.

More from our patients:

“After going to seven different chiropractors here in Georgia, I finally found one who actually adjusted me and was concerned about my health and well-being. At 72 and very active, it’s important to maintain my spine. Thanks for all you do Dr. Joe.”
Ken T., Sugar Hill

“Completely eliminated shoulder pain. Have full feeling and strength back in my right hand. I am a bowler in a league and compete in many tournaments. When I first came to Dr. Joe I wasn’t able to hold the ball. Now I am back to bowling after a few weeks and playing better then ever. I have recommended Dr. Joe and Dr. Deb to several of my clients already.”
Walter B., Sugar Hill

“Changed my whole life! Not only did chiropractic care help me to walk again, but eventually I regained full motion back in my neck. I consider chiropractic care my healthcare.”
Rosanna L., Buford

“My son has Autism. I tried Ritalin when he was young and it didn’t do much for him. I started bringing him in to get adjusted by Dr. Deb and I was surprised how much he enjoyed it. I can see a noticeable difference after treatment: he is more patient, calmer, and is able to rest throughout the night.”
Matt K., Suwanee

“When I first came to SHFC, I had almost constant headaches. Thanks to the consistent care, I am relieving the pressure on my nerves. I am also benefitting from the support and encouragement to eat properly and make better choices for a healthier lifestyle. I can’t remember the last time I had a headache!”
Lisa D., Sugar Hill

“I’m sold! I had a recurring back pain for several years, which affected my tennis and golf games. After one month with chiropractic care I played tennis for the first time without pain. This has been the best decision I’ve made in trying to get and stay well.”
Andy W., Buford