Functional Medical Testing

Unique in our approach, we have gone a step beyond the practice of conventional medicine. Rather than treating symptoms, our goal is to find the underlying cause of your symptoms or disease.

We have been successful in accomplishing this by peeling back several layers. We start by taking the time to do a thorough health history on your body. Our clinic does laboratory testing and procedures that are available in very few clinics in America. Dr. Joe Clarino and Dr. Deb Cirone are innovators and have been for the past 17 years, constantly keeping up with the latest science and technology. They are especially effective with chronic and difficult cases that have resisted prior treatment.


Respect, loving care, our time, and understanding of your situation. We know it’s not in your head. There is a reason for your suffering, and we are confident that we will help you find the answer. For years we have listened to our patients, and because of this, you can expect competent care. You will be treated as an individual and supported in every way, no matter your situation. Your options will all be carefully explained. Your practitioner will not rush through your appointment. You will enjoy the best of care, from the first phone call through every visit and follow-up. You will find your practitioner and every staff member to be understanding and dedicated to your good health.

As an office, we would be glad to welcome you as a new patient, too. Just call us at 678-482-4400 or check out become a patient today. If you would like to be contacted about an appointment, please e-mail us.