Headaches may be common, but that does not make them normal.  A headache or migraine is a sign that there is something bigger wrong with the body. We have found that there are three leading causes of consistent headaches or migraines.


This is obviously more relevant to females than males. Often, the female cycle has a massive effect on hormones. Performing a urine hormone test is one of the best ways to identify the details of a female’s menstrual cycle. Blood tests will show what hormones are circulating in the body, but that does not mean the cell was able to use them. Estrogen and progesterone are very powerful hormones that have can be highly inflammatory in the wrong ratios.  Understanding what they are and how to help the body rebalance them is the key to success.

  1. GUT

The old saying “you are what you eat” isn’t exactly untrue, though it is more like “you are what you absorb.” Food is our medicine. Unfortunately, it is also one of the main reasons we are so sick as a nation. Once our guts are inflamed, it often leads to a condition called leaky gut. This leads to many autoimmune issues and of course, headaches and migraines.


According to clinical findings, this is the most common cause of headaches. This is also the hardest one for people to understand. The top bone in the spine is very sensitive. It surrounds the brainstem, which controls and regulates everything we touch, feel, or do in our bodies. It has many highly-sensitive fibers that connect to the pain-sensitive parts of the brain and surrounding tissues. If this area is out of place, it can cause a headache or migraine.

Too often in healthcare we look at one issue and only focus on that issue. When it comes to headaches, that is not a good approach. In many cases headaches develop from a combination of the three causes listed above. We want to help you get to the bottom of those causes and correct them. This approach has helped hundreds of patients in our office with their headaches and migraines.