3 Causes of Headaches/Migraines That You Didn’t Know About

Headaches and Migraines are NOT Normal.

Having the privilege of being in practice for over 17 years while seeing tens of thousands of patient visits, I am amazed how often I speak with a patient about their history and when I ask if they get any migraines or headaches, more often then not, we hear: “ I get the normal Headache, 2-3 times per week.”

Any headache is the body’s way of telling us our system is under abnormal stress. Symptoms are only an indicator. Unfortunately, main street medicine only looks at these symptoms, addresses them, and believes the problem is solved. I have seen three common patterns in patients that I believe are the root causes of Headaches and Migraines: HORMONES, STRUCTURE and GUT.



Unfortunately for women, they lose out to men here. For every man with a Headache or Migraine, there are at least three women behind him with one. A woman’s hormone cycle is way more complex than their male counterpart. Women are also proven to be more sensitive to life’s toxins and stressors. Generally women hold their stress in their necks and shoulders, while men hold theirs in their stomach and low back. When a woman’s muscle tone becomes a very distinct, ropy and knotty feeling, I get a laugh when I ask them whether they are mid cycle or just started their cycle. Hormone changes often lead to Headaches and Migraines.


Our lifestyles are turning our spines into a leaning Jenga tower! Text neck is real and we are seeing its effects in children as young as 6 years old!! Our cervical spine (neck) should have a nice C curve. Commonly, because of traumas, lifestyle, and poor working habits we lose that C curve. Losing this curve creates pressure on the nerves entering the brain stem. The more loss of curve, the tighter the pressure becomes, and the more it pulls on the brain stem. This pressure causes more tension and is known to trigger a Headache or Migraine.


Our Guts (GI system) are a sensitive and complicated group of organs that amaze me every day. It is incredible how much our gut can impact our health. Three major impacts on our gut are:
1. The foods we eat – Food allergies and sensitivities impact our gut daily
2. The stress we face – We can NOT have stress without a normal working Gut
3. The medications we take – Antibiotics are the number one cause of throwing our GI system into out of whack and turning it into Swiss Cheese

Using a patient’s history to peel back the layers in an effort uncover whether you have a Hormone-Migraine/Headache, a Structural- Migraine/Headache, or a Gut- Migraine/Headache patient or any combination of the three and get you towards health! This is what we specialize in here at Sugar Hill Spine and Wellness. Have you been checked to see why you have Headaches or Migraines?


Yours in Health,
Dr. Joe Clarino and Dr. Deb Cirone

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