How Often Should I Get A Massage?

I see a lot of repeat clientele.

For massage, Yes. A lot. Some of them show up every week. Others come by every other week. Once-a-“monthers”, or just “onthers” to me, are also common on my schedule. A great deal of them just schedule one when they catch a glimpse of me escorting another client back to my room and think, ‘Oh hey! I need some work, too.’ Some ask my advice,

“How often do I recommend that they get a massage?”

I believe that once a month is the best way to just take care of the normal stresses of life. That’s not to say that the people coming more often are in any way wrong. In fact, a few of them come in that often based off extenuating circumstances. Chronically tight muscles, acute injuries, sudden stressful events in life: all of these affect my judgement and advice subsequently. If someone comes to me with 2 months’ worth of neck pain, I might recommend coming back biweekly. If it has been 2 years, or if the pain from just 2 months is so severe, weekly might be it. And a check-up with their health care provider. Or, you know, friendly chiropractor right here in the building…

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