New Patients

Welcome to the New Patient Center

We understand that arriving at a doctor’s office for the first time can be nerve-wracking. Filling out paperwork, learning new faces and names, and getting to know your way around the office can be an overwhelming experience. Our aim is to remove unnecessary tension and make you feel comfortable. Here you will be able to learn what to expect at your visit and access the required forms to complete prior to your visit.

Our doctors can only be thorough if you are. All of our requests are relevant for finding the cause of your condition rather than merely treating symptoms, so please complete all information requests. We ask that you trust in the process and in return you will likely have a more positive healthcare experience than all others you have experienced.

When you make an appointment to visit us, you will also receive a letter together with all paperwork needed for your first appointment. We require that you bring your fully completed paperwork with you. If you do not have your paperwork filled out completely, please show up at least 30 minutes early for your appointment, to allow for time to do so.

Phases of chiropractic wellness care

Like other healthcare providers, we follow a standard routine to gain information about each patient. We consult, review history, conduct a physical examination, and may request laboratory analyses and/or x-rays.
Unlike other healthcare providers, however, we also conduct a careful analysis of the body’s structure with particular attention to the spine. We ask you about your life: Do you eat well? Exercise at all? How do you deal with stress? Do you have children? What do you do for work? Using this information, we diagnose the probable reason for your pain.
We treat the origin of your symptoms, not the symptoms alone. In order to repair the origin and recover full health, it is optimal for patients to go through a particular plan of care that includes:

  • Relief Care
  • Corrective Care
  • Wellness Care

What to expect on your visits

The first thing to expect is a warm welcome. Our staff will take in your paperwork and show you around the office. You will meet our doctors in an exam room. We work as a team and you’ll likely meet several of us on your first day. Patients are not normally adjusted on a first visit. Our practice is to fully evaluate the findings from your first visit to ensure the highest quality of care. After your evaluation, a doctor will assist you with scheduling a time to review your Doctor’s Report. These appointments are strategically scheduled to allow time for review and discussion. If we determine that your care would best be pursued elsewhere, we will refer you to a professional we believe can help you.

Your second visit will be your most important. You will receive your first adjustment and begin your path to wellness. We will discuss our findings in your Doctor’s Report and set a Care Plan of action to accomplish the best results at reasonable cost. You will take home all of this information. Part of this visit includes a group orientation about care at Sugar Hill; part of it is in private consultation with a doctor; and part of it is a discussion with a staff member about insurance and finances.

We strongly encourage our patients to bring a spouse or loved one to the second visit. Setting health goals with a partner improves accountability and success!

Find even more details on what to expect in our Patient Expectations.

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