Our Services

The Body in Health, Fully Expressed

The body in good health is a natural state. This is a guiding premise for the work we do at Sugar Hill Spine and Wellness. Our care combines various modalities to clear away impediments to the natural state of health. It includes manual and aided chiropractic adjustment techniques, exercise and physical therapy programs, massage, and counseling on lifestyle issues—like nutrition—that impact your health.

Care for the Spine

What truly differentiates Doctors of Chiropractic from other healthcare professionals is that chiropractors are trained to diagnose and treat spinal subluxations. The term vertebral subluxation literally means a slight dislocation (misalignment) of the bones in the spine. It refers to the complexity of neurological, structural, and functional changes that occur when a bone is out of place.

Learn more about the techniques we use in chiropractic care. For more in-depth information on subluxations, see the guide on our resources page.

Wellness Care

After relieving pain from the initial diagnosis, we continue to treat the whole patient. The phases of care at our center are typically:

  • Phase 1: Relief Care. Our first objective is to always help you feel better. If you are in pain when you first join our practice, we will create a proactive plan to alleviate your problem.
  • Phase 2: Corrective Care. Restorative exercises and treatments are used in order to allow muscles and other tissues to heal completely and prevent further injury.
  • Phase 3: Wellness Care. Once your immediate condition is healed, periodic visits help you to maintain optimal health and prevent future problems.

Our patients change their lives through a combination of hands-on care from our providers, physical therapy that patients use at home to strengthen and correct their unique problems, and lifestyle and nutrition changes.