Techniques in Depth

Techniques for Manual Therapy

Spinal Decompression

If you ever experienced low back pain, then you know it is no joke. We have seen grown men crawling in crying over pain and more often then not walk out. Spinal decompression is an excellent technique that allows the disc spaces to be pumped up again. This smooth pumping action creates an negative pressure in the disc that causes the body to force fluid back into the disc. Since 85% of the population has a herniation at some level of their spine this technique has been a major source to relieving their pain and discomfort.

This technique can help with: low back pain, numbness or tingling, disc bulge or herniation, and sciatica.

Cox Flexion Distraction

Cox® Technic is a spinal manipulation that relieves back pain, leg pain, neck pain, arm pain, and a host of other spinal related conditions such as disc herniation, spinal stenosis, post-surgical continued pain, and pregnancy related back pain. Cox® Technic’s developer, Dr. James M. Cox, has nearly 50 years of research and documentation on the science of this non-surgical approach to back pain relief. In the hands of well-trained back specialists, it is truly an alternative to back surgery.

This technique is especially helpful with low back pain and stiffness, numbness or tingling, disc bulge or herniation, bad posture, pregnant back pain, and pregnant sciatica.

Trigger Point Therapy

This technique is designed to release muscle contractions and spasms with the touch of a finger on a specific area of the muscle belly. By doing so, the body is tricked and allows the muscle to release and not stay contracted. This is used very often in conjunction with the adjustment and also with massages.

This technique is especially helpful with low back pain and stiffness, neck pain and stiffness, deep muscle work, whip lash, numbness or tingling, extremity pain, and hip pain.

Massage Therapy

Everyone loves a good massage and our therapist is excellent at what he does. Massage allows muscle and ligaments to relax which helps hold the adjustments and other corrective therapies, but it is excellent for detoxification and stress reduction. Our $49.00 a month massage special is hard to beat anywhere in Sugar Hill, Buford area.

Massage therapy is helpful with almost every physical condition, including:

Impulse Training System

Each of the conditions associated above are also mitigated through impulse training. This technique uses an instrument designed to give a high speed, low force adjustment. The impulse is often used on older patients’ spines, extremities and some muscle work.

Techniques for Aided Adjustment Therapy

Grostic Technique

Many patients have never heard of this type of muscle work. It is extremely effective in breaking up old and new deep adhesions and muscle spasms. The doctor uses a small smooth tool and specialized lotion to break these adhesions and notes apart.

This muscle work is particularly beneficial in a variety of conditions including low back pain and stiffness, neck pain and stiffness, whiplash, numbness or tingling, and hip or extremity pain.

Foot Levelers Orthotics

Unlike generic, over-the-counter orthotics, our functional orthotics are individually designed for your unique postural problems—not just problems with your feet. We believe that correcting imbalances in your feet can properly align your spine and pelvis.

Orthotics can help with headaches and migraines, low back pain and stiffness, neck pain and stiffness, numbness or tingling, bad posture, hip or extremity pain, pregnant back pain or pregnant sciatica.