What Can I Do About My Constant Shoulder Pain

Most people assume the shoulder is just one joint, but it is actually a series of joints, tendons, and muscles that make it possible for you to move your arms. When you are cooking, swimming, driving, writing, typing, cleaning, gardening, or doing anything else that involves arm movement, you are using your shoulder more than you think.

Unfortunately, being such a useful part of the body often leads to pain in the shoulder. It can be mild or severe, and it may last for a day or two or it could become a chronic problem called frozen shoulder. That is why it is important to get to the root of the issue and ably proper treatment.

Standard Treatment?

Often standard MRI, and x-rays don’t reveal a problem in the actual joint. Many of these patients are sent home with medication and are told it will just take time. Frozen Shoulder can last for months to years. These patients are often in horrible pain, they can’t sleep, work, or even wash their own backs. It is truly an unknown in the traditional medical community of the cause.

Don’t Do Treatment Under Anesthesia

Many of our patients will come and see me after they have had treatment under anesthesia. The treatment is basically they make you unconscious and put your shoulder through full range of motion in the attempt to break up all the adhesions in the joint capsule. The success rate is very low and the pain is often worse after the procedure.

Why our Treatment?

Believe it or not, many times the issue is not a shoulder problem. It is a skull issue! Yes I said skull misalignment. Dr. Franson Murphuy discovered a Technique called OTZ. This stands for One to Zero. It is based on the positioning of the skull relative to the first bone in the neck called atlas. Through 1000’s of cases he made the connection between a cranial nerve and the shoulder problem.

After a full examination and x rays. It will be determined if you are an OTZ candidate. About 75% of candidates qualify as an OTZ patient.

An upper skull adjustment is given and very often large amounts of range of motion are regained instantly.   Further treatments involve physical therapy and readjusting the upper skull and upper mid back to allow proper fluidity.

Dr. Joseph Clarino has been certified in Dr. Murphy’s OTZ technique and has trained with him several times. Dr. Clarino success with frozen shoulder is nothing short of magical.

To make an appointment and see if you qualify for this technique please call…..

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